Your Genial Host

Yes, this is the Steve who went to Kingdown, Salisbury Tech, and Middlesex Poly – you might remember me...

At Middlesex, I graduated with an honours degree in Society and Technology. But mainly I was jealous of the students on the BA Performance Arts, who seemed to be having more fun.

After graduation, I became a technical author, learning my craft with ICL, before moving around various IT companies, both as a contactor and as a permie. I've been a technical author for a long time now. But if I am, as seems, strung out and highly strung, it's possibly because I have only one string to my bow. Which is a dangerous position to be in.

Over the last decade or so, I've had various books on the Warminster UFO phenomenon published (as shown in the left-hand side bar). I've also completed a couple of post-graduate courses with the Open University, obtaining an MA in Popular Culture and a post-graduate diploma in Science Studies. Both courses allowed me to investigate and research, through an academic lens, topics of interest to me. I've also had a few articles published in fortean magazines, and Wiltshire Life. So, if you're looking for somebody who can write and research, give me a try! Let's add another string to that bow (and turn it into a primitive musical instrument by adding a gourd)!

Talking of music, I was once in a band. It wasn't the only band I was ever in, but it was my first, and I was a teenager... and... dreams were made of this. If you were there, you can read this potted history. If you weren't there, it might amuse you anyway. (If you were there, watch out for my History of the Planetarium Disco, coming soon!)

I rather fancy being Dr. Dewey – because that would make me laugh – but I doubt I'll ever find the time, or the money.

I'm not a scientist, but I've always been interested in science. At the same time, I've been interested in the history, sociology and philosophy of science. This has also led me to dip my toes into the world of the humanities.

I'd like to see a man on Mars before I die, although the odds of that happening are becoming longer with each passing year.

I also like to take photographs.